Monday, June 29, 2009

Update part 2

June 14th: 60 years anniversary aunt of the Vman

Tuesday June 16th: eating asparagus at Nicolette

Wednesday June 17th: 50 years anniversary of my parents

Saturday/Sunday June 20/21st: Villa Augustus

Saturday June 27th: out into town for some music and booze.

Friday, June 26, 2009


As usual I'm behind on schedule. It's better to write a bit each day, than wait too long and have no idea what has happened in the last month. Checking my notes as we speak. Hmmm seems writing activates a craving for salted popcorn, plus tea of course *rushes off to her microwave and returns with a bowl of creamy crunchies a few minutes later* This is much better.

Okay, where was I? Ah yes, our birthday party on May 23rd. The day started sunny so the Vman readied the garden, chairs, parasol, while I continued the cooking I started the day before. Since we invited our guests for a snack-kind-of supper, we had to make sure there was enough. My fridge was loaded and winking at me, so I dove in.

Made a huge pan of fresh tomato soup, accompanied by Italian bread in garlic and tomato taste plus bread sticks; two bowls of pasta-pesto-chicken-salad; an Indonesian chicken dish called "saté ajam" with hot peanut butter sauce and French baguettes and garlic butter. The Vman made a creamy filling from tuna, crème fraiche and whiskey and stuffed that in lots of tomatoes. To complete it all we made a big bowl of green salad with fresh herbs and a dressing of yogurt, honey and a bit of mayo. The result of this all was finger licking good.

As on all birthdays, the hosts don't get a chance to talk to everyone, running around with drinks, snacks and food. But it was good to see that everyone could get along fine. My parents were sitting in the same porch swing as I'm sitting in now, and I don't think my dad left it at all that afternoon. No one was taking that seat away from him haha. My mom tried to stop his swinging because she would get nauseated. Then after a while he would start again. All the grandchildren would come and sit next to them, one after another. Endearing :D

The weekend after that was a relaxing one with a some fun hours of gaming. Maeglin and me are playing Neverwinter Nights 2 online, this beautiful but buggy game is keeping us busy for months. Love it!

And then my fist Biker Weekend. Boy oh boy, I was so excited. We were leaving on Friday June 5th and got together with a small group of our Chapter. The ride to Leersum was beautiful. We crossed three rivers by small "pontjes", looking like this:

Seems there was no route to Leersum without this means of transportation. After a healthy lunch we continued our trip, to arrive at the site, that was bustling with bikers, noise and people with cowboy hats. We got ours too. We shared the holiday house with two brothers, picked our bedroom, settled in and soon the first bottles of whiskey appeared on the table. I didn't know whiskey smelled that strong, for within minutes our friends from the neighbouring house appeared too. Let's say all were thirsty ;-)

In the evening our stomachs started grumbling, so we headed towards the party tent, grabbed French fries and waited for the band "Pluis en de struikrovers" to play. And what a band. Soon the women were dancing while the men watched. And even those couldn't resist the beat.
Saturday walked around on the site, and then I went back to bed, could hardly walk because of the previous evening: my hernia was having a good time. My back wasn't. In the afternoon we took a ride and had a late lunch at a cafe. Later that evening barbecue plus another band. The singer played guitar with his mouth. Amazing.

On Sunday a ride-out to Amersfoort: over 800 bikers in a long winding column. There were people waving everywhere, and we blocked villages and half of Amersfoort. It was awesome. We visited the dealer in Amersfoort and then flew home. Just in time, the first rain drops fell when we were back home.