Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Today was not a good day. If I keep up this pace, it's going to overtake me and I will go down. Don't be mistaken: I love my work and many tasks, but it can be too much at some point. Unfortunately my boss can't do anything about it yet. But one day our team will get reinforcements and we have to hang on 'till then.
On top of that the irritation and emotional effects caused by the never ending comments of my ex *stares*. He isn't mean or anything, but we have a different way of interacting. Me as little as possible, only for the kids. He as often as possible for anything.
Ah well, writing this down helps me to calm down, put it off my mind for the day. It's after 9 pm and that's time for relaxing, not fretting over things that can't be changed.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Work was uneventful after the bank experiment earlier today. Came home, made pizza for the boys and a left-over rice-dish for myself. After that Nick and me raced to town for a visit to the PC-shop. Unfortunately the insurance company hadn't verified their approval to the shop yet, so we have to wait 'till next week. Administration stuff ya know ;)

Nick did order a great notebook with special adjustments for movies and photographs (wirefire). We'll call back on Tuesday to find out when the laptop is expected to arrive.

After that driving home to get the boys packed. Of course that took ages haha. Game consoles are far more important than mere clothes, right? ;) They went by bike to my ex, while I took the various items and bags by car.

So now I'm home, waiting for my Vman to arrive. A bottle of Spanish rose wine is cooled, bit of chips and rice snacks on the table, book within reach and my little notebook resting comfortably on my lap. Nice and warm. Candles spread their golden light, while Alanis Morissette sings softly. I'm simply happy.


By the time I'm writing this, an hour has passed and I'm still grinning.

This year a part of the students of our academy had to pay € 10,- for their Academy guide plus another booklet. They all brought cash, so we had around € 4.000,- on our hands. That didn't feel safe, so my co-worker Sandra and me decided to deposit the cash at a bank.
Driving through our town in search of a bank was the first fun. It's great to be outside while everyone else is working.

We parked the car in front of the bank, where miraculously a free spot appeared. A euro was enough for 15 minutes.

Inside Sandra pointed me to a deposit machine. I was delighted, never used one before. So we inserted the card, hit the code and then poured in the coins. Kling klang kloink in they went, with the machine neatly counting. Hey, that's FUN!!

Then a voice behind us said "Ladies, how does that thing work? Do you have to use a card? Do you have to punch in a code? Then what? What should I do? When are you ready?" There was a man in line who wasn't too bright, asking questions constantly in a staccato tone, coming nearer all the time.

Meanwhile the coins were ready, onwards with the paper money. Only a very fine slit, so one by one we fed the notes to the machine, one by one, 10's, 20's, 50's, 5's... the minutes passed by and Sandra and me changed positions. The line behind us got longer and longer and the man kept asking silly questions. Sandra and me got warmer and warmer. She whispered "I'm soooo glad you're with me here, couldn't do this alone, don't feel secure brrr.". So I replied that I was wearing a black long leather coat, so nobody would dare to intervene. We started giggling while more notes and minutes passed through our hands.

When I was almost done, a voice sounded near my shoulder. I jumped up and looked straight into the face of a bank employee. "Ladies," he asked, "do you realize there's a BUNDLE deposit machine around the corner?". I stared at the man, stared at Sandra, then looked back again and told the man "Of course we "knew" that, that's why we're already going crazy here for the last HALF HOUR!!!!!".

Then I started laughing, the people behind us were rolling their eyes, and we even laughed harder. We pushed in the last bank notes in a hurry and ran out of the bank, half an hour had passed.

Yes it's great to work at our university \o/

Thursday, September 24, 2009


And then it's already 11 PM. Don't think Thursday is a good day to plan writing, since I work 'till 9 PM, then home where kids, cats and dishes are waiting. Started up my notebook anyway and edited my story about Ness a bit. The start is made, the road where I want to lead the story too, but can't think of a jump from the first to the latter yet. Brain too fuzzy and tired. Must wait until a new dawn, or dusk, whatever ;-)
Good news on my son's laptop by the way: the PC insurance allows us to buy a new one, since the motherboard is totally RIP. Tomorrow after work Nick and me will drive to the shop. He's all excited about it. Hopefully his design work can be saved from the old disk.
More good news: the guy who sold me the Dungeons & Dragons table top game has found the missing figurines and dice. He's sending them over by post, so soon the game will be complete.
Signing off for now...

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Installed Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO - a free game) this morning before I went to work, even made two characters and played a bit. When I drove to work I had been running the last 15 minutes to get everything done, was already lost in the story hehe.

Work was busy, with a nice break for supper. Worked 'till 9 PM and then drove home to my kids. Had a long talk with my mom, family troubles which can't be solved. We need to go with the flow, can't change a thing, only give support as much as possible. Divorce can be harsh on all involved. And I know what I'm talking about.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Busy day. Worked 'till 1 pm, then raced home to be on my way again to the dentist. He did unkind things to my front tooth, bleaching it from the back, filling it with a temporary filling and then making 3 follow-up appointments. My tooth is aching to the beat of my heart. Not nice I tell ya, not nice at all!

After that driving into town to deliver my son's deceased notebook to the PC-shop for either reparations or replacement. Let's hope the guarantee will cover it. Money is flying out the door into oblivion.

Bought supper ingredients at the supermarket, which resulted in white rice, with a chicken-mushroom-garlic-leek-cream cheese-mushroom soup oven dish. Something else!

The Vman is fixing my dish washer, and the sound of the merry splish splashing is lovely to hear. Let's hope the thing will get the hang of it again after having holiday for 7 years. Don't even ask ;)

Our Dungeon & Dragons tabletop game arrived by mail. And though there are 5 figurines and 2 dice missing, we still think it's going to be awesome. Introducing my sons to this great game in an easy (and Dutch) way, so they'll get used to a bit of role-playing.

Mr. Sandman is calling... ah no, it's the Vman. I'm out of here ;-)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Allergic to Merlijn?

Today the results of the contact-allergy test. Nine reactions, three of them severe. Got the list with the specifics of each and that's it. Have to check every new product I buy to see if there's something in it. And the compositions tend to change. Have bought some products totally fragrance free now. I still have no idea what to do with leather: shoes, bike pants, gloves. The specialist said I have to avoid all these substances. Hell, some are even in cookies. And I love cookies! Also something about bee-products: propolis.

Work was busy but fun. And after, I drove home to make the boys pasta. No macaroni for me though: went out to dinner with my friend Meggelien. She had lobster, I had tomato soup. After that tender meat with mushroom sauce and a grand dessert. Plus decaf. We talked a lot, drank Prosecco and talked some more. Couldn't eat another bite.

Back home a short chat with my sons and then to bed. But no sleep without adding my (hopefully) daily contribute to this blog. Good night.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Neverwinter nights 2

What a bummer :( Was looking forward to playing Neverwinter Nights 2 with my friend Maeglin so much. Started with the normal NWN2 game, but we are stuck in a big battle that we just can't win. Got a little bit further and then decided to continue with the expansion Zehir. Here I got stuck, walking in circles in one spot. I was almost jumping off my chair. Frustrated I decided to quit the game. Too many bugs... and I hate insects!

So now I have unexpectedly time to write a bit, sitting on the couch with my notebook on my lap. Making tea in a minute, then hanging laundry and returning to this magical new digital baby.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A month flew by

And then suddenly it's a month later. Too much happening to recall in this blog, but can think of a few highlights.

Like the allergy test I'm in the middle of. Over 70 substances were applied to my shoulders and upper arms. To two of those I reacted violently, to about ten others more mild. The ones that are developing on my arms since this weekend weren't even registered during the control visits. Day after tomorrow I will go back to the dermatology specialist for the results.

Also had an MRI-scan plus X-rays of my back. A possible solution could be an injection in my spine, to soften the irritation. Not looking forward to that, but something has to be done about the pain or I'll end up sitting at home.

Have been working many hours like a lunatic, days of 12 hours and more. Kids have gone back to school after a long summer holiday. Sean's already doing home word for hours each day. Nick starting on his internship tomorrow. Proud of my sons.

To balance all of this, there's always the Vman, holding my spirits up, luring me outside with his bike, taking hikes in the woods,

making dinners for friends, sitting side-by-side (like we're doing at this very moment), he sweating over a sudoku puzzle while I'm playing around with my new notebook. Yes, life is good. He's the light of my life.