Friday, September 25, 2009


By the time I'm writing this, an hour has passed and I'm still grinning.

This year a part of the students of our academy had to pay € 10,- for their Academy guide plus another booklet. They all brought cash, so we had around € 4.000,- on our hands. That didn't feel safe, so my co-worker Sandra and me decided to deposit the cash at a bank.
Driving through our town in search of a bank was the first fun. It's great to be outside while everyone else is working.

We parked the car in front of the bank, where miraculously a free spot appeared. A euro was enough for 15 minutes.

Inside Sandra pointed me to a deposit machine. I was delighted, never used one before. So we inserted the card, hit the code and then poured in the coins. Kling klang kloink in they went, with the machine neatly counting. Hey, that's FUN!!

Then a voice behind us said "Ladies, how does that thing work? Do you have to use a card? Do you have to punch in a code? Then what? What should I do? When are you ready?" There was a man in line who wasn't too bright, asking questions constantly in a staccato tone, coming nearer all the time.

Meanwhile the coins were ready, onwards with the paper money. Only a very fine slit, so one by one we fed the notes to the machine, one by one, 10's, 20's, 50's, 5's... the minutes passed by and Sandra and me changed positions. The line behind us got longer and longer and the man kept asking silly questions. Sandra and me got warmer and warmer. She whispered "I'm soooo glad you're with me here, couldn't do this alone, don't feel secure brrr.". So I replied that I was wearing a black long leather coat, so nobody would dare to intervene. We started giggling while more notes and minutes passed through our hands.

When I was almost done, a voice sounded near my shoulder. I jumped up and looked straight into the face of a bank employee. "Ladies," he asked, "do you realize there's a BUNDLE deposit machine around the corner?". I stared at the man, stared at Sandra, then looked back again and told the man "Of course we "knew" that, that's why we're already going crazy here for the last HALF HOUR!!!!!".

Then I started laughing, the people behind us were rolling their eyes, and we even laughed harder. We pushed in the last bank notes in a hurry and ran out of the bank, half an hour had passed.

Yes it's great to work at our university \o/

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