Friday, May 22, 2009

Birthday schtuffs ;-)

And then another week has passed... I just KNEW this blog would help remembering things :D

Monday a day of training in giving and gracefully receiving feedback with my co-workers. Let's say it was interesting, sometimes great, sometimes irritating and annoying. In the evening out for dinner with the board of participation, we had the chef's table. The food was great, the company refreshing.

Tuesday work and in the evening to Sean's school: parent information evening. Apart from having a non-knowing mentor, things were okay ;)

Again working overtime on Wednesday. After that surprising my love with a bouquet of lovely purple wild flowers, which was waiting for him on his table when he came home. That evening I drove back to the Vman and we spent a romantic evening. He liked my present: a magnetic stainless steel knife rack.

His kitchen is really beautiful. And that's exactly what we were doing on Thursday, me on the roof, him in the kitchen, trying to connect a pipe for the cooker hood haha, that was fun. After that on the Harley to a meeting and having tea with a friend. On top of that we were expected at a birthday party, which was nice.

Today it's grocery shopping, hairdresser and catering time: tomorrow the Vman and me are celebrating our birthdays. Around 26 people are joining us and the weather will be fine hurrah \o/

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Anniversary dinner

A year and a day ago, the Vman and me first met, and from that moment on we've been inseparably connected in heart and soul.

Back then we had dinner in a Spanish restaurant La Iguana. Yesterday we took our boys, all four of them plus a friend, to Rhodos. No, not the island, but a Greek restaurant.

The two eldest were allowed to drink a glass of ouzo haha, that was fun. Tasted like "gestampte muisjes" according to Nick, aniseed. We all took starters, main dish and some even desserts... let's say the food was plenty ;-)

Have laughed a lot, silly male teens say the weirdest stuff! Try to be romantic with 5 adolescents about :D

Then we went our separate ways again, but not before the Vman surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of orange flowers. Drove home with a big smile on my face.

Waiting for him now...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Anniversary weekend

Impressions of our weekend in Brugge, Belgium:

The Vman kidnapped me to celebrate our first anniversary on May 16th: destination unknown. Our route took us to the south, passing the border. Of course I kept track of the road signs, and rather soon a big smile appeared on my face: we were heading straight towards Brugge, one of the most charming and authentic villages I have ever been to. If you ever have the change to drop by there, DO so, by all means.

The weather was fine, dry and even sunny! The hotel magnificent! Our mood lively and happy! Into town, enjoying the many sights (churches, market places, little shops, other tourists) and of course a double Trappist in honor of this great beer country. All around us English, French, German, even Spanish words caressed our ears. A bit of Dutch too ;-)

We strolled around town, had a romantic dinner (except the Vman's eel, yikes) and the next day again visiting beautiful places. Thank you my Vman, for making this a special weekend to remember, and for making me the happiest woman on earth.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pan's Labyrinth

Yesterday evening my son and me watched the dvd Pan's Labyrinth. It left a big impression on my soul. This is not a regular fantasy movie, this is reality mixed with fantasy elements, that leaves you wondering what was real and what was not. I do hope Ofelia's fantasy was true. Harsh scenes of war's cruelty, or a man's cruelty. But also bravery, courage, love and standing up for each other. Beautiful movie.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A bleak day

And now it's Saturday, and much has happened in these few days.

Quiet Wednesday evening, sharing thoughts with my Vman. Then on Thursday having an ample breakfast and driving over to his place. The kitchen really is coming around very nice, it's beautiful... just a bit more work and it will shine in its simplicity: black and white tiles on the floor, dark grey cupboards, a deep black granite working top, with stainless steel accents. Imagine a summer's day, preparing supper, glass of wine or cool beer, outside the sun, filtered by a parasol... *happy sigh* Life can be wonderful.

Then back to reality: later that Thursday we drove over to the Harley happening in Valkenswaard with Mc&Mt. Second year this is organized. Parked our bikes (I'm double riding with my Vman), watched this man perform a daring act with chain saws, drank something, ate a Subway droolin' delicious bread roll and then strolled back, watching the stands with lots of biker stuff. Back with the bikes something was missing: Mt's Fatboy Harley was stolen, gone, including motor bags with two jackets, Mt's helmet, motor papers, keys, a cell phone, my kidney belt and gloves. That beautiful Harley, twin to Mc's one, simply gone. We were devastated, glaring around at every passing biker. Nobody had seen anything. We notified the police but they wouldn't even come, although they would be on the lookout. The ride home with borrowed jackets and helmet was a bleak one.

When we came home, we heard about the attack on the Royal Family, who was cruising Apeldoorn in a bus in honor of Queen's Day. A madman drove his car straight through the crowd to get to the bus, landing on a memorial monument. Six people died, eleven severely injured, and yesterday the attacker died himself. This brought the theft of the bike back in perspective... what a day. Later that evening the Vman and me strolled into town to drink a glass of Trappist beer and see my village by night. That was nice.

Yesterday I bought new leather motor gloves and a belt to replace the old ones, went to the car wash with my youngest son... well with my car of course, but you know what I mean ;) Made an oven dish with onions, garlic, courgette, tomatoes, herbes de Provence, pepper, salt, crème fraîche and Parmesan cheese, plus mashed potatoes. Boy oh boy, that was fingerlickin' good. We ended the day by driving to the Chapter evening. Mt had made a test ride on a Dyna and was laughing again. Perhaps things will turn out alright after all.

Come weekend, let me embrace you...