Friday, May 22, 2009

Birthday schtuffs ;-)

And then another week has passed... I just KNEW this blog would help remembering things :D

Monday a day of training in giving and gracefully receiving feedback with my co-workers. Let's say it was interesting, sometimes great, sometimes irritating and annoying. In the evening out for dinner with the board of participation, we had the chef's table. The food was great, the company refreshing.

Tuesday work and in the evening to Sean's school: parent information evening. Apart from having a non-knowing mentor, things were okay ;)

Again working overtime on Wednesday. After that surprising my love with a bouquet of lovely purple wild flowers, which was waiting for him on his table when he came home. That evening I drove back to the Vman and we spent a romantic evening. He liked my present: a magnetic stainless steel knife rack.

His kitchen is really beautiful. And that's exactly what we were doing on Thursday, me on the roof, him in the kitchen, trying to connect a pipe for the cooker hood haha, that was fun. After that on the Harley to a meeting and having tea with a friend. On top of that we were expected at a birthday party, which was nice.

Today it's grocery shopping, hairdresser and catering time: tomorrow the Vman and me are celebrating our birthdays. Around 26 people are joining us and the weather will be fine hurrah \o/

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