Sunday, July 19, 2009

Karate barbecue

This year the karate barbecue wasn't as much fun as other years. Perhaps the concept isn't working anymore, because there weren't many present.
Due to the Dutch music I stayed on my seat in stead of dancing. Plus a friend of mine got called away because of illness of his mother. All in all not a big success.
The moment that it was fun, was when a woman got hold of the microphone and started singing along with much enthusiasm, she simply didn't stop anymore ROFL.

But today we had another barbecue to eat the left-overs. That was nice! Lots of laughing, talking and relaxing.

Came home and am reading ever since: Temple of the Winds by Terry Goodkind.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sleepless nights

Plagued by an allergic skin reaction to nickel and (something in) leather (as well as many others, but they didn't bother me now) the nights are long and itchy. It takes all my self control to refrain myself from scratching until it bleeds. Seems I'm extremely sensitive in more than one way ;-) But there are plenty of things to dream about... see my previous post.

Harley wedding July 12th 2009

Our Harley wedding was just a fairytale. In the presence of around 100 biker-friends, we said our vows and were wed in Harley fashion.

It was all part of a biker weekend in Simpelveld because our Chapter exists 15 years. First the ride towards the south of the Netherlands by beautiful roads. One almost didn't feel the rain that was pouring down. Almost... ;-) Then Friday evening a karaoke spectacle. It was so spectacular that I fled outside and stayed there until things were safe (and quiet) again.

Saturday the ride out to Belgium with the Sittard Chapter, grand views, S-turns, some rain drops and great sandwiches made it unforgettable. In the evening a performance of Shake the Snake which rocked!

Then Sunday morning arrived and at 10 am we were in the chapel, me in leather and lace. See the pictures below for a visual story... a fairytale wedding. I love my hubby the Vman.

After the ceremony we drove over to my parents, shared stories and laughs and had a tasty dinner. Finally we rode back home in sunlight and rain showers. What a weekend...