Thursday, December 10, 2009


Yesterday a day with mild setbacks all over the place
  • Sean sick
  • keys to the car without a trace in the early morning - not the best time for them to play with me
  • woman on a bike in front of me on a road where no bikers are allowed, very dangerous situation
  • lots of students with sign on exam-laziness
  • left eye got worse, need stronger contacts
  • left leg stopped functioning as it should: deaf feeling, plus stabs of pain in the right
 On the other hand
  • finished building website for conference, everybody was happy about it
  • the new contacts might chase my head aches away
  • kids ate well: white rice with Indonesian shoarma dish (my own recipe) and mixed stir-fried vegetables, Vman like it too
  • had a nice talk with former brother-in-law
  • was so tired that I slept throughout the night
On top of that today had a real surprise in store: at Sean's school, where I was with him and my ex, I met an old friend, whom I lost sight of years ago. Her name is Iriani and she's a great small wonderful kind and gentle woman. It was so nice catching up with her, that we decided to get back in touch. Gave her my email-address, hopefully she'll contact me soon.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Am reading blogs about writing and one of the main things is that you need to write every day. Having no time, no inspiration is no excuse. Simply sit down and get to it. Write, make your fingers move and words will come. It's not a hobby, it's work, driven by the need to express thoughts.
And I must say it's working. The outlining is getting better, the story is starting to gain shape. How I love this.
But now it's time to close this notebook and get some sleep. Will see you tomorrow.