Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Zealand journal

Tonight the karate meeting went well, as always we were business and fun. The sweet cookies, chips and nuts made it all the more enjoyable. Thanks mr. J, for your hospitality.

Just finished reading and adjusting the journey report my partner wrote about his three-week trip to New Zealand. He and his friend had a wonderful time on their Harleys in an amazing country, where nature changes within a few miles. Breathtaking sceneries, friendly people and of course beer and whiskey. How I would have loved to go with him. Will drag him back there!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bowling dragons in dungeon?

Already midnight, the end of the first day of my week's holiday. See, I told you: time flies. Life tries to rush by, so make sure you grab its tail and keep up. Don't let it get away from you, but take a firm grip and make it your own. Only you can make your own destiny, nobody else...

Having said this, my thoughts return to the weekend, to last week. So filled with things to do, appointments to keep, work to be done, training to enjoy. And then spending some hours with my Vman on Friday evening late after taking the kids to their father. Hours to be treasured. Saturday morning helping out a friend to take long-kept-but-no-longer-needed stuff to the garbage dump. Strange how one town charges money for that, while as an inhabitant of my own town, there's no need. Saved him mucho dineros ;-)

Then back home to clean my house for my four guests who would arrive around 1 pm. Since my eldest son apparently has a strong attachment to rubbish, I decided to sleep in his room myself, while letting my friend Maeglin and his gf sleep in my bed. No need for them to witness the mess in some parts of my house :P Changed beddings like a whirlwind and vacuumed downstairs. Then the D&D invasion swept in, bringing in laughter, jokes, pokes and anticipation. Like always the first issue was food: what will we eat this weekend? All four insisted on my (by now obviously famous) nasi goreng with lots of small dishes. Mmmm. The second day Aglanor would make a pasta salad. That was awesome by the way, tasty and good for two plates in stead of my usual one.

The D&D started, we relived our former adventures of this campaign and settled in a fighting routine. Two halflings as monk and ninja, a gnome cleric and me as a human paladin, what an odd sight for the eye. I simply love this game, it's funny, even hilarious at times, exciting, inventive and creative. All is done in English so Amarie can understand and participate. Gonadan is keeping a website where all our Dungeons & Dragons adventures are documented.

In the evening I left the four to a DVD with George Clooney *drools* and went to pick up my Vman for an evening out with the karate gang: it was bowling time! For two hours we rolled balls, aimed at the pins with varying results. I was terrible at it but laughed a lot.
I drove my love home and let him leave my car only after some serious huggin' & kissin'. Then back to my house for another episode of D&D.

The next day we continued playing 'till 7 pm, after which Gonadan dragged his companions to his big car to start the journey northwards again. Then I picked up my bf and my kids. By then I was in need of some relaxed couching and cuddling. So we did ;-)

Today a day of laundry and lots and lots of reading. Finished The Stone of Tears, now onwards to an intermezzo with Salvatore. Also reading, or better, studying the 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen R. Covey. That man really makes you think on your own habits and behavior.
In the evening I finished the karate minutes, action list and other documents. Tomorrow evening will be the next committee meeting. Why do I always do that at the last possible instance? Do you have anything effective to say about that mr. Covey?

Nighty night, my eyes won't cooperate any longer now.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


What a night, luckily the clock kept me company each hour hehehe.
At 7.30 am Sean and me were waiting in the doctor's office. We both got allergy tablets, plus I have to start using Symbicort again, an inhaler, to ease my lungs.
Now racing towards the training, last day. Will miss a part of the morning program, but health goes before knowledge... or not? ;-) *grin*

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hay fever

Sean is attacked by hay fever for the first time in his life. Attacked yes, for his nose is totally blocked, his eyes are red and watery and he's feeling tired.
I'm affected by this in another way: my bronchial tubes are ticklish all the time, and I'm doing my best not to cough too much, since this will result in more irritation. Asthma kicking in again.
But dinner is on its way, after that doing groceries and then preparing for the two-days' training that's starting tomorrow: organizing processes in our uni.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Today another spring day. How I wished the 'weather' at work had this light sunny quality too.
Things are happening and I don't have any influence on them. How I hate seeing people being broken by insensitive words. I wonder if I should smack my fist on the table and demand another approach. Seems the management's mind is set on their opinion and nothing can change that.
My killer headache returned and I took two hours off to go home early, dress in a summer's dress and sit on my new swinging couch in the gentle sun with a book to forget all for a while.
Spoiling my youngest son who's on the couch after a nap, not feeling well also.
Waiting for my eldest son who's having trouble with public transportation.
Think I'll go back to swing a bit...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cloudy Sunday

My eldest son Nick is 18 years old, an adult, or so it the law says. Made an Indonesian dish with a tasty omelet, but he preferred fries haha. Luckily my other son Sean, my partner and his son liked the 'real' food I made. Everybody loved the chocolate pie and apple muffins though.
In the evening we went to the cinema to watch "Fast and furious". A nice action movie actually, great stunts.
Today working in the garden plus the kids' dad came over to celebrate Nick's birthday. Although the day started with sun, now it's cold, cloudy and I've turned on the heater.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Barbecue I wrote last night? Well, the first hamburgers were just done when fat raindrops started to fall, followed by thunder and lightning. Or would that be lightning and thunder? ;-)
We rushed inside to save the food and continued in the kitchen, where I heated up a grill pan. It tasted good anyway.
Today a long day again at work 'till 9 pm. The dishes are still waiting for me, and I have to get up at 5.30 am because Sean is going to France, Lille, in the early morning.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Worked half a day while staring outside where the sun is shining down with a summer's quality, and decided we're going to have a barbecue tonight!
Bought lots of meat, sauces, green stuff and fresh bread. Garlic butter and fruit will complete the dinner, plus a bottle of cold rosé. How I love spring!
But first domestic cleaning and laundry, hurrah \o/ *whistles*

Spring run

After a cattish morning serenade, I got up at 6 am, slipped into my running outfit, drank some orange juice and then headed out into the awakening village.
It was lovely, horses, sheep, a stray cat roamed about, some cars passing me by and my favorite music softly in my ear.
Every time I can run a little bit further before I have to start walking, interval training works for me ;-)
Okay, work is calling me, have to go...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just for starters...

These days so much is happening in my life, that it's hard to keep up. Perhaps this blog can help me remember and share the little stories of my life.
Let's see, where to start...