Sunday, September 13, 2009

A month flew by

And then suddenly it's a month later. Too much happening to recall in this blog, but can think of a few highlights.

Like the allergy test I'm in the middle of. Over 70 substances were applied to my shoulders and upper arms. To two of those I reacted violently, to about ten others more mild. The ones that are developing on my arms since this weekend weren't even registered during the control visits. Day after tomorrow I will go back to the dermatology specialist for the results.

Also had an MRI-scan plus X-rays of my back. A possible solution could be an injection in my spine, to soften the irritation. Not looking forward to that, but something has to be done about the pain or I'll end up sitting at home.

Have been working many hours like a lunatic, days of 12 hours and more. Kids have gone back to school after a long summer holiday. Sean's already doing home word for hours each day. Nick starting on his internship tomorrow. Proud of my sons.

To balance all of this, there's always the Vman, holding my spirits up, luring me outside with his bike, taking hikes in the woods,

making dinners for friends, sitting side-by-side (like we're doing at this very moment), he sweating over a sudoku puzzle while I'm playing around with my new notebook. Yes, life is good. He's the light of my life.

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