Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Allergic to Merlijn?

Today the results of the contact-allergy test. Nine reactions, three of them severe. Got the list with the specifics of each and that's it. Have to check every new product I buy to see if there's something in it. And the compositions tend to change. Have bought some products totally fragrance free now. I still have no idea what to do with leather: shoes, bike pants, gloves. The specialist said I have to avoid all these substances. Hell, some are even in cookies. And I love cookies! Also something about bee-products: propolis.

Work was busy but fun. And after, I drove home to make the boys pasta. No macaroni for me though: went out to dinner with my friend Meggelien. She had lobster, I had tomato soup. After that tender meat with mushroom sauce and a grand dessert. Plus decaf. We talked a lot, drank Prosecco and talked some more. Couldn't eat another bite.

Back home a short chat with my sons and then to bed. But no sleep without adding my (hopefully) daily contribute to this blog. Good night.

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