Friday, September 25, 2009


Work was uneventful after the bank experiment earlier today. Came home, made pizza for the boys and a left-over rice-dish for myself. After that Nick and me raced to town for a visit to the PC-shop. Unfortunately the insurance company hadn't verified their approval to the shop yet, so we have to wait 'till next week. Administration stuff ya know ;)

Nick did order a great notebook with special adjustments for movies and photographs (wirefire). We'll call back on Tuesday to find out when the laptop is expected to arrive.

After that driving home to get the boys packed. Of course that took ages haha. Game consoles are far more important than mere clothes, right? ;) They went by bike to my ex, while I took the various items and bags by car.

So now I'm home, waiting for my Vman to arrive. A bottle of Spanish rose wine is cooled, bit of chips and rice snacks on the table, book within reach and my little notebook resting comfortably on my lap. Nice and warm. Candles spread their golden light, while Alanis Morissette sings softly. I'm simply happy.

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