Thursday, September 24, 2009


And then it's already 11 PM. Don't think Thursday is a good day to plan writing, since I work 'till 9 PM, then home where kids, cats and dishes are waiting. Started up my notebook anyway and edited my story about Ness a bit. The start is made, the road where I want to lead the story too, but can't think of a jump from the first to the latter yet. Brain too fuzzy and tired. Must wait until a new dawn, or dusk, whatever ;-)
Good news on my son's laptop by the way: the PC insurance allows us to buy a new one, since the motherboard is totally RIP. Tomorrow after work Nick and me will drive to the shop. He's all excited about it. Hopefully his design work can be saved from the old disk.
More good news: the guy who sold me the Dungeons & Dragons table top game has found the missing figurines and dice. He's sending them over by post, so soon the game will be complete.
Signing off for now...

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