Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Busy day. Worked 'till 1 pm, then raced home to be on my way again to the dentist. He did unkind things to my front tooth, bleaching it from the back, filling it with a temporary filling and then making 3 follow-up appointments. My tooth is aching to the beat of my heart. Not nice I tell ya, not nice at all!

After that driving into town to deliver my son's deceased notebook to the PC-shop for either reparations or replacement. Let's hope the guarantee will cover it. Money is flying out the door into oblivion.

Bought supper ingredients at the supermarket, which resulted in white rice, with a chicken-mushroom-garlic-leek-cream cheese-mushroom soup oven dish. Something else!

The Vman is fixing my dish washer, and the sound of the merry splish splashing is lovely to hear. Let's hope the thing will get the hang of it again after having holiday for 7 years. Don't even ask ;)

Our Dungeon & Dragons tabletop game arrived by mail. And though there are 5 figurines and 2 dice missing, we still think it's going to be awesome. Introducing my sons to this great game in an easy (and Dutch) way, so they'll get used to a bit of role-playing.

Mr. Sandman is calling... ah no, it's the Vman. I'm out of here ;-)

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