Monday, August 3, 2009

Back and ears

Today I saw the specialist at the hospital about my lingering back problems and as a result I'm scheduled to an MRI-scan plus X-ray in two weeks. That way we can find out if there's a nerve crying for help. Want to live my life, doing simple things like going shopping, visiting a town, go to a concert without the never-ending knives in my lower back, plus the numb feeling in my left leg and foot.

After that I bought new earrings, dangling titanium hoops, made a lovely Italian dinner for my three men and then spent the evening chatting with the Vman, watching Collateral damage and reading in Soul of the Fire, 5th book in the Sword of Truth series.

Last Saturday M&M celebrated their birthdays in a grande way. The garden looked magnificent, drinks, cocktails, food, nice people. We really enjoyed being together for the party.

The day before that the Vman and me took test rides to decide on what kind of motor he would buy. We still haven't worked it out, but the Roadking is out of the question: it vibrates too much for my back. Although it has tremendous power. Alas. But there are other options left.

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