Thursday, February 4, 2010

Evening at the uni

Thursday, it's Thursday. This means working 'till 9 PM at the Academy. Does that sound bad?

Well don't worry, actually it's quite nice! The kids like it 'cause that means it's pizza and fries night. The students like it because they can ask me silly, sweet and complicated questions. The professors like it too as they can also ask my advice.

Then how about me?

Soft music, being able to work in peace and quiet most times. Outside it's dark but inside the lamps envelop me with a clear light. Mails disappear as fingers fly over the keyboard. Sometimes all pieces of the puzzle come together in a brilliant idea, converting that idea to an Excel document. Yes, I love my Thursday evenings...

But it's even better when I finally come home and put my feet up. 

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