Thursday, November 26, 2009


Restless for days, not finding the time to let thoughts develop inside so I can pour them out. Work is demanding to the extreme, dusty rooms and laundry scream in silent words, kids and Vman want to be near. There's always something that needs to be done first. Staying up late won't solve anything, because I'll be too tired the day after.

Dragon Age is enchanting, at times I get lost in that game. Reading my beloved books is alluring. Still that means absorbing words and images. I need solitude to be able to create phrases and stories myself. Another goal to find time for writing. No use in fretting over it, but time to act. I need time! More time! Or do I want too much? Do I have to accept... naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah no way, that's not my style.

Started a story anew in Dutch, the idea for it has been spooking around in my mind for months. Let's find out if writing in my native language is as rich as writing in English. Should be, since my vocabulary in Dutch is better than in English. 

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