Monday, November 30, 2009


Whom did I punch? ;-) Well nobody. Us HD girls made punch, while the mensies made paintings for a Christmas auction.

^^ painted by my Vman

There was egg nog on the menu, fruit punch and Christmas punch. The experiment with the egg nog didn't turn out that well. On first try we used flour in stead of flour sugar. The result isn't even worth mentioning. On the second try the ingredients were all right, but the sauce shifted. Down the drain all went.

Onwards to the fruit punch. With bananas, oranges, kiwi's, orange juice and vodka not much can go wrong haha. Tasted good.

Last but not least: the Christmas punch: pine apple juice, whiskey, orange juice, honey, a bit more whiskey, ice cream and ginger ale. The stirring resulted in wonderful creamy substance that asked for more. Even the men liked this one. We will definitely make it at the Christmas party.

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